Pinoy Otaku Festival 2013 Event Aftermath

Written by Neo

May 31, 2013

Arriving late on Day 2 at the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2013 , I was afraid that I might miss out on most of the activities. Luckily, the last few were very enjoyable and I got to see some very interesting people and exhibitions.


Walking around the area, notable stuff around were:

The Let’s Go Legit/Lean Mean Machines area, where they had several PS3s for people to enjoy. Also, they had a pretty nice rig set up for people to enjoy the epic Bioshock Infinite. Definitely something I’ll need to experience in full soon.

IMG_0110          IMG_0113          IMG_0114



There was also an area for people to register for Dragon Nest for some awesome swag. Their pretty girls were there to help out people and give away freebies.





Pinoy PS was also there in full force, and to confess I spent quite a bit of time there because they were having a Naruto tourney which was nice to watch. Although my eyes kept looking to one PS3 in particular which had Project Diva F for play. Had a chance to see some of the new songs on the game. Note to self: Live on iced tea for a few months for a Vita.


IMG_0112          IMG_0116          IMG_0123



Goods-wise, CS Central was there with a pretty nice assortment of figurines and image books. If you looked hard enough, you would see some nice finds, like Voltes V, Daimos, and a whole slew of Evangelion ones, too.

Then came the Cosplay Idol part of the night, which was the high point for me especially the last contestants. Kids ruled this part for me, especially the awesome Garo skit and chibi Lu Bu, who suddenly transformed into Master Pogi and danced to the tune of Gentleman to everyone’s delight. Giving the legend a run for his money, eh? Yeah, I’d like to see them both in a cosplay skit in future conventions.











Overall, it was a pretty interesting mix of gaming, talent, and fun rolled in one afternoon.


Check out the day one pictures in our gallery as well

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