The headache after Hangover III

Written by Asia

June 5, 2013

Before the month of May ended, many people were excited about “Hangover III”, the movie that brought laughter and crazy adventures from a group of friends who dubbed themselves as the “Wolfpack”.

First coming out in 2009, the plot revolved around hunk-bachelor Phil (Bradley Cooper), conservative dentist Stu (Ed Helms) and hairy and complicated Alan (Zach Galifianakis) went into a lot of hilarious drunken (and more so, drug-spiked) misadventures around Las Vegas in order to find their about-to-be-wed buddy Doug (Justin Bartha).

After the huge success of the movie, the second installment came out on 2011 following the same pattern where the Wolfpack goes on a bachelor’s party for Stu’s upcoming wedding. Another whirlwind of crazy things happen where the highlight went to Thailand, tattoos, drug mule-monkey and Doug missing (again).

Jump to the third and latest installment, crazier things awaits the Wolfpack when their past misadventures comes back to haunt them. It was revealed in the movie that all our antagonist’s mishaps were caused by non other than the funny and annoying little Asian-mafia man, Mr. Chow. His role in the whole series of the movie franchise was not just mere coincidental, rather was the one who stitches up Hangover I, II and III.

The story starts when Alan’s dad dies from a heart attack and family and friends are concerned with the way his life is going. Alan insists his life is okay until the Wolfpack convinces him that he needs to go on a facility to help him get back up (or get a life). He agrees and on the way to the facility, they were kidnapped by a group led by Marshall (John Goodman) and someone from the first movie, Black Doug (Mike Epps). Apparently, they need the Wolfpack to help resolve a “golden problem” they have with previous-partner Mr. Chow. [White] Doug becomes the movie’s usual character who gets lost in the rest of the movie or in this instance, becomes the leverage until Phil, Alan and Stu find a way to locate the color blind and dyslexic little Asian.

The 3 lone wolves find their trouble as soon as Mr. Chow entered the picture and the rest of the days and nights that followed were free of booze and drug but not of bruise and drag (you’ll get what I mean when you finally watch the movie)! The rest is history but is something I do not recommend worth revisiting because frankly, even though the previous movies was crazy funny and a hit, this latest installment was definitely a disappointment that not even a flood of booze can cure!

To add to that already negative comment, fans would have surely expected something more from this trilogy. If Hangover III was promoted as “It ends”, there should have been a better plot to the movie than just milking the paying viewers for a lousy storyline! In the extra movie clips shown during credits, there was something that happened that became a teaser or a pleaser because it needs to be seen or watched out for by the fans. During that clip, it was the only time the pattern went back to its original concept wherein the Wolfpack wakes up and realizes there were a lot of crazy things they have done and would need to think back at the night that occurred. This is not how the actual movie was done which was, and should be, the pattern to truly show another epic hangover moment. Rather, without drinking anything alcoholic, fans got a headache instead after watching the corny twists and closing to this trilogy.

Mr. Chow... dead?! How will the world be without him now?! (...Safer and less crazy I assume!)

Mr. Chow… dead?! How will the world be without him now?! (…Safer and less crazy I assume!)

Although the thought remains unchanged that the Wolfpack have their epic moments of mayhem and hilariously bad decisions, I’ve felt that future viewers could just reserved their money for other movies rather than watching Hangover III in the cinemas. Although it’s not a complete let down, it was not as satisfying enough to be even considered as a part of the Hangover franchise. If others found it interesting then good for them for having shallow comic relief. However at the end of the day, this is not a movie sadly worth not recommending (unless you were drunk when you got the tickets and was forced to watch the movie). Hangover III is a short-lived movie that is enjoyable but lacks enough of that moment to make you “LOL” til you pant and cry. █


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