Toycon 2013 Launch Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

June 5, 2013



One of the biggest geek event in the country, the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention held their Launch Event and Press Conference at the Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila last May 25, 2013.

Many would probably wonder why Toycon suddenly hosted their launch event away from their usual SM Megamall location, it’s just that they had a partnership with Resorts World Manila for their Epic Weekend special.

You might thought that it’s the actual event that’s happening at the launch event, thanks to the 40 glass cabinets that are on display that featured several action figures and custom figures.

There were also some retail store booths from Big Boys Toys and Great Toys Online that are selling discounted products.

There were stage activities for the young kids and special guest appearances, one complain at the press conference is that there were no assistance for the media, all of the seats that supposed to be for the media were occupied by bystanders and onlookers which made the coverage for the press difficult to cover. It would be better if the press conference was held in a enclosed area.

During the press conference, the panelist discussed about the two upcoming movies; Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. As these two will become the main scene on the event as the main sponsors. And just like last year, Toycon will feature their entrance hall with designs based on the Man of Steel movie.

Aside from the movies, Hero TV will be teaming up with Toycon to host their Hero Face-Off cosplay competition. Hero TV once hosted their own major anime convention then decided to make their event smaller and focused more on cosplay competitions.

After the press conference, there were more guest appearances and special performances such as MYMP and Alodia Gosengfiao for the event closure.

The launch event has gathered a lot of people, making Toycon a much anticipated event this year, let’s all hope that Toycon will still retain it’s main essence, which is more on Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles.

Do check out our gallery for the happenings at the Toycon Launch Event.


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