Kingmax SDHC PRO Extreme Review

Written by Chad

June 24, 2013



Leading memory technology manufacturer Kingmax released their newest line of high speed memory cards, will the PRO Extreme give you the fastest read and write performance?

Before we share our impressions on the PRO Extreme, let’s take a rundown on the specifications on the memory card:







Take note that we tested the SDHC variant with a capacity of 32GB and we used the card on our Panasonic Lumix LX5 Digital Camera. Then we conducted a test run on the SD card during the 3-day event of Toycon 2013 by taking photos and video footage.

In regards to its capacity, the 32GB variant can hold up to 4 hours and 10 minutes of video footage (with a resolution of 720p and 30 frames per second) and more than 7400 pictures (JPEG format and 10 megapixels)

As for reading and writing speed, both speeds are quite good, but once the card has reached 30% of its capacity (approximately 7 to 8 GB), things started to slow down, it will take a while for the card to load after turning on your camera, more like around 2 to 3 seconds but no issue with that compared to some cards that would take more than 5 seconds to load properly. The same goes with recording videos, it will take a few seconds to completely write the data into the card.




Data transferring to the computer is quite good, I found no slowdowns on moving pictures and videos from the card reader to the computer even if I was transferring tons of videos and photos. For durability, the memory card  is quite sturdy, as it promises to be shock proof, x-ray proof and magnet proof and can withstand high temperatures.

Overall the Kingmax PRO Extreme is a good choice for photographers and videographers who need a large capacity with fast reading and writing speeds, it would be a good to investment to get high quality memory cards such as the PRO Extreme especially during an event coverage where you need to have a large capacity.

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