Run, Zombies, Run! A World War Z Movie Review

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June 25, 2013

A friend of mine posted this in his social networking page: “World War Z just made The Walking Dead just another TV drama”.  I think it was an explanation that just hit the bull’s eye.

If a lot of people got hooked in watching Zombie-related shows because of the graphic-novel turned TV series “The Walking Dead”, World War Z adds more hype to the apocalypse of the undead after its big screen debut last June 23.

Before the film, it started out as a novel by American horror writer Max Brooks entitled “World War Z: An oral history of the Zombie War” which is a post-apocalyptic story involving former United Nations employee Gerry Lane (played by actor Brad Pitt in the movie) who is called back to his job to interview survivors of the whole ‘zompocalypse’ that happened at a previous time. The movie version, like any other novel-turned-film somewhat has their own twist in the plot making the movie rendition the actual start of the zompocalypse and Lane’s job was to find “patient zero” or the source of the first case of the epidemic.

As the world’s living population slowly declines, he goes around the world in hopes of finding the source and reveal nature’s secret to defeating or curing the outbreak. Fueled by his survival instincts and will to live, he goes on the quest to find patient zero with dealing with the growing number of undead which brings action and scary thrill everywhere he goes.

What makes the whole zombie genre even more frenzied is that Max Brooks takes on a different point of view on zombies. If in conventional stories portray zombies that slowly drags themselves, groan while it walks or eats human insides while the rest of the human survivors scamper for their lives, World War Zombies are not just hungry—they can unfortunately, RUN and CLIMB too! As if the word “zombie” isn’t enough to stir panic, the thought that they can be quick and aggressive makes the viewers get stressed in their seats whenever a zombie starts approaching… and fast!

World War Zombies: Are you ready to see a freaky tower of undead?

World War Zombies: Are you ready to see a freaky tower of undead?

Although the story expands a viewer’s imagination of the undead, it still gave a believable plot, a right blend of an exciting and entertaining cinematics that will give fans the adrenaline and thrill for a zombie-themed narrative.

The movie which took in a reportedly $66 million in the US (and another $45.8M internationally) gave it a successful opening week wherein Brad Pitt—who’s also one of the producers of the movie—announced that a sequel is already in the works. “We’ve got so many good story lines stemming from the book or inspired by the book and then just generated from our own powwows,” Pitt told Associated Press. “It might still be fun. We’ve got enough material, that’s for sure.” Now this is surely something zombie fanatics can look forward to. For the meantime, World War Z is still out in Philippine Cinemas for the next 2-3 weeks so watch it when you get the chance!


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