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June 30, 2013

It’s July 1 already and how the days passed by since the big movies that came out just a few days ago. Man of Steel, Hangover III, Monsters U, World War Z and The Purge were some of the big screen hits that were flocked by movie goers. But now that it’s another month with movies worth anticipating, here’s some we can’t wait to see in the next coming weeks (listed according to opening dates):


Despicable Me 2 

Prepare for some laughter and surprising cuteness everywhere as one of the most anticipated animation of the year is just 3 days away! Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to deal with a new super criminal. Does becoming the hero this time around mean our protagonist-villain turned soft because of his love for Agnes, Edith and the extremely adorable oversized yellow-pill minions?


Pacific Rim

Gigantic alien monsters have discovered a way to planet Earth. To save the world, humans have deployed “Jaegers” or gigantic robots to fend of the impending apocalypse.  Although the whole movie looks like something of a Kaiju vs. Mecha, according to director Guillermo del Toro, (maker of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy I & II, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, among others) insist in an interview that Pacific Rim is NOT a homage to a Japanese movie or anime. Though it gets the same kind of feel, let’s see how this sci-fi movie will turn out to be. Movie stars showing on July 11.


The Lone Ranger 

Masked ex-Texas ranger John Reid (played by actor Armie Hammer) and his Indian companion Tonto (Johnny Depp) ride together to fight injustice in the American Old West. The story does not present much plot to go on but with Johnny Depp in the movie, what more could you ask for? Coming to theaters this July 17.



If you like fast cars and snails (if that’s even a combination to begin with), then Dreamworks’ latest animation—Turbo is what you’re looking for. With the movies’ take on friendship and bravery, kids of all ages will probably enjoy how something small can dream big. Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, this racing snail starts this July 19.



Ryan Reynolds is on a roll as he takes on Nick Walker, a slain cop who is recruited to become part of the “Rest in Peace Department” (R.I.P.D.) which is a section that deals with the souls of those who are still living the life of crime even after death. It’s like an M.I.B slash Ghost Rider type of movie with a comedic and action genre. Although this movie has no announcement on its showing date here in the Philippines, it is line up on July 19 for US territory showing.



The tagged ‘Retired, Extremely Dangerous’ CIA agents are back in another mission that will force them out of rest as another action-filled mission is given to them. Starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood,  Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen, Miller, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins show why “the best never rest”! Also showing on the 19th in US terroritories.


The Wolverine

Wolverine fans rejoice as the sixth installment of this popular X-Men character will pierce its way in big screens this July 25. After the events that occurred in X-Men: The Last Stand, Logan travels to modern-day Japan and encounters someone from his past who offers him the possibility of being mortal and vulnerable again. Let’s cross our fingers this movie will be a good one or else Hugh Jackman should start learning how to be a Fruit Ninja before tomatoes start flying from disapproval!


The Purge

Lastly, after knowing from other internet sources that the controversial crime/ thriller “The Purge” will be showing here in the Philippines, it couldn’t be helped for this movie to be part of one of those that should be watched out for. The story revolves on a day were all crime is allowed… whatever will happen to a country then? A movie this kind will definitely stir some intellectual social, political and moral insights among anyone who would watch. The purging starts July 31.


We can’t wait to share our reviews and takes on these movies so keep checking our site for updates!


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