5 Video Game Soundtracks Fit for a Road trip

Written by migs

August 19, 2013



It’s another 5-day work week. “Not Again,” you tell yourself, as you were counting each passing day. You wanted to go out with your friends. With her. But reality begged to differ. We know, it sucks.

MONDAY. Paperwork

TUESDAY. Site visits. It’s still about work


The President of the Republic suddenly announces that Friday will be a non-working holiday to commemorate a certain event. You suddenly become a ball of frenetic energy.

You called your friends. You called her. “To the beach,” you said. “It will be fun,” you said. They said yes. SHE SAID YES. Time to look at the handy-dandy checklist:

Car? Tuned Up.

Alcohol? Prepped since last week

iPod Playlist? WHOOOPS

Undecided on what playlist to use? Do not worry. Critical Index has it covered. But we do have a twist of our own.

So, without further ado, WELCOME TO: 5 VIDEO GAME OSTs FIT FOR A ROAD TRIP!!!

Child-of-Eden5. Child of Eden OST

Soundtrack Artist: Genki Rockets

If there’s anything Tetsuya Mizuguchi (aka Rez) is really good at, it’s music. That, and a little concept called “Synesthesia,” or that feeling that indulges all your senses.

This track captures the free spirit in video games. It feels so damn good. Also, the cover photo is more than attractive.


LittleBigPlanet4. Little Big Planet OST

Soundtrack Artists: Jim Noir, Ananda Shankar, DJ Krush, etc.

The game is cute, Sackboy is really adorable, and it really captures the childhood innocence of video games. And then you hear this line from one of the game’s BGM tracks:


What a f*cking vindictive song. Oh, and Jim Noir is awesome, too. Perfect for some out of the box surprise tracks while on the road.


DDR-Supernova3. Dance Dance Revolution OSTs

Soundtrack Artists: Naoki feat Becky Lucinda, SySF feat Donna Burke, Ferry Corsten, etc.


On a more serious note, DDR really has some nice tracks, especially this one. Ready those glow sticks, but do drive safely.


MT22. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2

Soundtrack Artist: Yuzo Koshiro

You’re on a convertible with her, just the two of you. The weather condition’s perfect. The air gently breezes your face.

You are the god of your fate, and she is your queen.

The track “Stream of Tears” starts playing. You shift gears further.

The engine screams, and it’s all under your command. She grabs unto you, but not because she feels scared…

OH, SNAP! Someone’s gonna get a happy ending tonight.



NFSlogo11. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Criterion Games)

Soundtrack Artists: The Who, Muse, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, etc.

The hallmark of a western video-game OST with really good taste is the inclusion of The Who’s Baba O’Riley. Do not even ask why. The frenetic energy that it releases in the intro and that irreplaceable epic vibe cannot be replaced.

If you feel like it’s time to be a badass (like our badass of the week, Saxton Hale), do play this OST


That’s it for our Top 5. If you think you can add a better video game OST for a roadtrip, do comment below. Thanks!


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