Keiji Inafune Launches Kickstarter for Megaman’s Spiritual Successor

Written by Neo

September 1, 2013


Just a few hours ago, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune announced a Kickstarter project for a game that is being developed with the help of the development team of Megaman. Launched by Comcept USA LLC, with a duration of August 31 to Oct 1, 2013 and a target of $900,000, the project is entitled “Mighty no.9”.

Most of the members of the development team have had a hand in the forementioned series, most notably Manami Matsumae  (Music composer/sound effect creator for the original series), Shinsuke Komaki (Art for Megaman X3), Takuya Aizu (Developer on Megaman Zero, Megaman 9 and 10), and Naoya Tomita (Game design, Megaman 2, 5 and 6).





From the project concept screenshots, it is looking to be every inch a spiritual successor to the much-loved Megaman series. The main defining change to the formula will be the ability for the main character, Beck, to transform his body into new shapes, allowing for a great range of new skills and abilities.







Another new feature apsect would be absorbing the “xel” from enemies by various ways (hitting with a special weapon, hitting a weak spot, etc), and using it to use various “Mighty Powers”.






Completely catering to the fanbase, the reward options are varied, and the team is working with Humble Bundle and Fangamer for digital rewards and fan items. Below is a draft of what the rewards will be for specific donation amounts:



Also, here are the stretch goals for the project:



With a planned release date of 2015 for a PC version (and from the chart, home versions if the final stretch goal is reached),  it looks like the coming months will be an exciting time for fans as the project takes shape.


As of this writing, 3,593 backers have donated $226, 409 into the project.


We’ll keep you informed of the latest developments to this project, so stay tuned! [+]


(Source: Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter page)





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