Sony’s Press Conference Rundown

Here’s the rundown on Sony’s Press Conference yesterday. It seems that BUSY is an understatement to describe Sony.



Playstation Vita:

The Vita pretty much stole the show. It’s now cheaper, lighter, thinner, and comes in almost every Power Ranger color. The redesign includes a 15% weight reduction which translated to a 20% thinner-looking device. It now sports 6 colors: Baby Blue, Black, Grey, Pink, Yellow and White. (Poor Red Ranger!) Also noteworthy is the change in its screen as Sony ditched the OLED for the traditional LCD screen. The new model of the Vita comes with a 1GB internal memory, but it was also announced that Sony will be releasing a 64GB Memory Card, the largest one to-date.

The Vita’s game library also received quite a decent upgrade. Sony unveiled a ton of new games such as Gundam Breaker, Phantasy Star Nova and Soul Sacrifice Delta to name a few.



PlayStation Vita TV:

Quite possibly the surprise of the day, Sony unveiled a microconsole in Playstation Vita TV. The Vita TV on hindsight looks like a portable external hard drive. However, it’s actually a product more similar to Google’s Chromecast: It has remote functions to connected devices and can connect to media services. But it can also play selected PlayStation Portable and Playstation Vita games.




PS4 Release Date for Asia:

While North America and Europe will get the PS4 this November, its Japanese audience will have to wait as Sony revealed a February 2014 release.




Gran Turismo 6: Release Date and Starter Kit

Japan will get its hands on Gran Turismo 6 this December 6, 2013. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Polyphony Digital Inc. has partnered with some of the world’s top automobile brands to launch their concept cars and recreate these into working racing cars in “Vision Gran Turismo.” Design teams that included Zagato, BMW, and Nike (Yup!) were tapped in this collaboration.

Pricing Summary:

Here’s the pricing summary for Sony’s console line-up:


JPY Price

Current USD Equivalent

PS Vita



PS 4



Playstation Vita TV



(Depreciating Japanese Yen = Better purchasing power for the USD and PHP)

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