The Best of Anime 2013 Event Aftermath

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Looks like Primetrade Asia is making Best of Anime one of their annual staple events, as they held their fourth event they have invited international guest cosplayers namely:

  • Karael S. from Thailand
  • JiakiDarkness and YukiGodbless from Thailand

And from Japan, they have invited guests artist:

  • Joe Inoue
  • StarMarie

The opening ribbon cutting event was done by Japan’s Anime Cultural Ambassador, Doraemon along with Joe Inoue.

Going to the event was easy; if you’re early. People have been lining up in front of their entrance before the ribbon cutting ceremony. The crowd count escalated around the afternoon, but lining for the tickets was not much of a hassle despite the crowd count.


Going inside the venue is not much of problem either, the gate marshals stamp your arm with using UV ink.

The exhibitor spaces were a bit tight, especially when the afternoon came; it was hard getting by the booths you want to go to until the organizers decided to rent the other hallway to make way for the increasing crowd coming in during the first day, they also set up a projector and a screen to show what was going on stage, especially when the Gosengfiao sisters made their appearance; also the same during the cosplay ramp.


There are also guest appearances from the Gosengfiao sisters: Alodia and Ashley, and HERO TV’s anime jock; Myrtle Sarrosa.

We also saw spectacular performances done by StarMarie on Day 1 and Joe Inoue on Day 2.


Find out more of Best of Anime 2013, watch our Aftermath Video.


Again, we would like to thank Primetrade Asia for inviting us to this event.

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