Best Video Game Menus

Written by Chad

October 21, 2013


When playing games, we’ll be cycling through the main menu over and over, and we tend to see the same old boring layout over and over. But thanks to some game and graphic designers with their creative minds, some games are featuring amazing and responsive menus.

We picked some of the most creative and amazing main menus in videos games that will leave a good impression about the actual game, take note that only picked main menus, the ones that you’ll start off after the title screen.


Brutal Legend

So far the most creative main menu we’ve seen so far. The title screen start off with Jack Black placing a LP Record on the table, once you start navigating, you’ll see that Jack Black will start flipping around with the record album as well.



Another Double Fine Games creation (same goes with Brutal Legend). Instead of navigation through lines of text menus, you’ll be instead navigating around a human brain. The cool part here is that you can control your character to move around the brain (and even jumping), then you’ll just approach a window panel around the brain to continue your game or access the option menu.


Mirror’s Edge

This First Person Action game has a very clean menu interface with the view of the city from the background, but try checking on the chapter selection and you’ll start navigating around the city that was originally from the background.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

When you navigate around the menu, Naruto will jump around a location and doing some battle poses and the transition is very fluid. What’s interesting with its menu is that when you change the voice language, Naruto’s voice at the menu will change as well.


Bioshock Infinite

Another game where you navigate around the town when navigating around the main menu with distorting tear effect, what’s cool on the menu is the feel that you are actually inside Columbia with the music playing on a transistor radio.



With a bizarre title screen, at the start of the title screen, Vincent will scream ‘Catherine’ and he’ll continue to struggle in getting free from the barbed wires wrapped around him until you press the start button. Some other cool effects here is when you navigate at the menu, the chain platform will ascend or descend and Catherine will pop out from the screen.


Splinter Cell: Conviction

Although the layout of the menu is rather plain, the awesome part on this game’s menu is it roams around the area with an intense ongoing gun fight giving you different angle and perspective of the area, it makes you feel you are acting part of the scene.


Batman Arkham City

With static images of Batman while the background and camera is moving in slow motion, it gives that feel that the game will be truly epic, navigate around it and Batman will move in fluid animation then returns to a static image again.


Tomb Raider

Another entry where you roam around the area in the background while navigating through the menu. From the menu layout up to the soundtrack, it gives you a feel that you are all alone after getting stranding in an island from a terrifying shipwreck.


And that’s wrap our list of the best main menus in video games, so what’s your favorite video game menu? Drop us a comment below on your favorite or better share us your list of favorites.

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