Cooler Master Power Fort 5600 mAh Power Bank

Written by General Miss A

November 22, 2013

In this day and age, we all rely on our handheld devices like smartphones, mp3 players, and tablets to help us go through with everyday life, work, or just to keep boredom at bay. Of course, each and every device owner has to go through the painstaking obstacle in the modern electronic era: finding an outlet to charge their device.

In the most dire need of charging their devices but no access to an outlet from where you are, and thus powerbanks were invented , and different brand were added in the market.

And thus today, here at Reimaru Files, we have on our hands a Cooler Master Power Fort 5600 mAh Power Bank, and will be giving our review for this product.



The Cooler Master Power Fort is light weight, compact, and packs a mean punch when it comes to charging handheld devices. While looking at the unit, the battery pack comes with a range of colors (Pink, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White) from which by far has the most choices to suit the style of whoever owns it. And the product also comes with a free stylus which can be quite useful if you own a tablet.


Testing with by charging a Blackberry 8250

While testing out the unit, charging cellphones and smartphones is quite easy, it can charge phones in half the time without overcharging the unit. You can charge a lot of handheld devices besides cellphones like gaming devices (i.e. PSVIta), pocket wi-fi, and mp3 players. Although when it comes to charging tablets like iPad, it can only give you minimal charge depending on how low the battery is.

Also tested on an iPod Classic.

Also tested on an iPod Classic.


As for portability, it is very easy to carry it around as they don’t take much space when putting it in your bag or luggage if you’re going for a long trip. The unit is not  heavy to carry around so you don’t have to worry about extra weight.

See? It fits in your pouch, along with your other peripherals.

See? It fits in your pouch, along with your other peripherals.


For extra features there are none, there are no built-in flashlights like other battery packs but seems more practical as it the product would focus more in charging handheld devices rather than being used primarily as an extra flashlight.

Overall, the Cooler Master Power Fort is very useful in times of dire emergencies, especially in this day and age.

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