WD MyPassport Slim is the best portable Hard Drive this Christmas

Written by Alex Neri

December 10, 2013

WD My Passport Slim Cover Case

Always On The Go, Always Fast.

Working and hustling between office, home and coffeeshops usually means bringing around your work data in a laptop, and usually with a portable hard drive in tow. Recent releases of hard drives in the market usually have a clunky form factor and bulges your sleeve pockets for no reason. That, along with the usual transfer speed of files between the drive and your computer, you’d usually think twice before dumping your resource files onto the disk before working off of it.

WD’s newest line of portable hard drives tries to address these problems coming with portable storage with the My Passport Slim line of drives. Coming in at 4.33 x 3.14 x 0.48 inches, this portable hard drive will fit well in your bag pockets and in your slim sleeves to carry around. Sporting both a matte and silver case finish, it is enclosed in hard plastic and topped off in aluminum casing. It boasts a drop resistance of 2-3 feet, though I have yet to try this one out yet.

WD My Passport Slim Cover Case

The case of the WD My Passport Slim. It is topped off by a silver-colored aluminum casing at the top.

Despite the small profile of the drive, it still maintains a whopping 1-2TB of storage. That’s about a hundred Blu-Ray rips for you! Well, also a hundred RAW clips for your multimedia projects!


This is how it looks like on my screen Formatted to xFAT, so I can work with a Windows and a Mac.

Transfer rates are a no-brainer too. It makes use of USB 3.0, which is universal for both Windows and Mac devices. You can read and write to your drive as fast as 50mb/s, or even higher. The speeds can allow you to dump in your resource files (say, movie RAWs) and edit away from there.


Copying speed of the WD MyPassport Slim drive

WD My passport Slim USB 3.0 Cord

The cord used for the My Passport drive. It uses 3.0 tech, making it faster than the other drives in the market (except, perhaps, those using firewire and thunderbolt).

Another useful feature of the WD is its encryption chip that’s embedded into its hardware. Yes, people, this little thing  has security and privacy in mind with your data, and it does so with fast encryption turn around in safeguarding your files.

To do this, you’ll be needing to install a small utility that will run in your system tray. This can, along with other stuff:

  1. Encrypt your files on the fly
  2. Auto-sync folders on your drive with Dropbox.
  3. Backup folders on your computer automatically to the drive (kinda like time machine).

It works well with your computer and drive, with it being a little annoying in the startup as its only drawback.

Value for money

In conclusion, I’d say that this item is worth the purchase and money. Portable files no matter how big, robust but slim profile, fast file transfers and file security are taken into consideration with this drive. And at PHP 5,190 (SRP), the drive is the best value for your portable storage needs.

The drive is available since 2nd Week of November 2013 and in all tech stores nationwide– so you can be sure to get one for this season!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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