[Event Aftermath] SMM Cybercafe Owner’s Meeting

Written by Chad

December 19, 2013


Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Philippines, a cybercafe business solution, held their very first cybercafe owner’s meeting at Crowne Plaza Hotel last December 14, 2013.


During the said gathering, SMM Philippines revealed the rundown of their services to the attendees, which majority are cafe owners, these include support on hardware parts and peripherals, internet connection and online game titles.

SMM Phillipines, originally based in Malaysia, is becoming the forerunner for LAN games in the market, their aim is to uplift the Philippine cybercafe scene as well as creating a community of cybercafes to support the eSports scene.

One of their service, the Battle LAN system, is a online software platform that gives cybercafes connectivity to other cybercafes so players can enjoy online matches as well as interact with difference cafes. A rewards points program was introduced, giving cafe owners a chance to earn points that they can redeem for perks and rewards. Finally they also have the virtual wallet system in partnership wtih VMoney, where owners can use their credit cards for their transactions online.



Some of SMM Philippines’ partner groups were present at the meeting, these include Gigabyte, Corsair, VMoney, PLDT Alpha Enterprise and many more.

These brands will offer special discounts for those who will subscribe for SMM Ph’s service, you may check out our previous post for the rundown of the promos.

You can get more updates from SMM Philippines through their Official Facebook Page

You can also check the rest of the images on our gallery below:

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