Strike Vector: An Indie Combat Shooter that Packs a Punch

Written by Chad

December 23, 2013


If you saw the trailer without knowing who created the game, you wouldn’t believe it was being developed by indie game developers.

Strike Vector was created by Ragequit Corporation, which was manned by nine developers and get this, they made the game in just 15 months, pretty impressive for a small group. The game will be run on Unreal Engine 3 and is an air combat game that has a unique gameplay which is reminiscent to games like Crimson Skies and Quake 3. Strike Vector promises to have intense dogfight with highspeed action where you can avoid missiles and obstacles, it also features a first person cockpit view mode for a much immerse experience.

The game will also let you customize your air fighters called Vectors that lets you equip two weapons and it can also be added with special skills such as transforming similar that from a Gerwalk from Macross and cloaking which renders you invisible. So far the game is targeted as a multiplayer game and no news if they’ll add single player options to it.


You can check out the videos for more of the intense air combat action:


A Beta test will start on January and to join the test, you can email then at

The game will launch on early 2014 for the PC

For more details about Strike Vector, visit their official website


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