Most Anticipated MMORPGs for 2014

Written by Chad

January 8, 2014


MMO fans will definitely be hyped for 2014 with the new set of MMORPGs, as there will be new worlds to discover, new dungeons to conquer and new friends to meet. MMO developers and publishers are preparing some of their anticipated titles for this year, so ready your swords, potions and guns for a whole new adventure. We picked the ones that made a great impression from its announcement, trailers and initial tests from beta testers.

Take note that some games on the list still has no actual release dates, but were only given few information of a possible release on 2014.


Kingdom Under Fire 2

This gaming franchise was originally a real-time strategy game then added with third-person hack and slash mechanics on the later titles, which gives you a Dynasty Warriors-like gameplay with ability to command your troops in real time. Kingdom Under Fire 2 was announced since 2008 and has already conducted initial tests and will be ready on the first half of 2014. A PlayStation 4 version was also announced and will be available at the same year.



Developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSoft, this Sci-Fi MMORPG is a big breather for everyone who is tired of the same old medieval MMOs. What makes this game interesting is that you have the option to choose paths for your character, which opens new content on your class advancement, plus you get to explore a very open and persistent world. Still not convinced? The founders of Carbine Studios are made up of the core development team of World of Warcraft.


Monster Hunter Online

Despite no news for an English release, this is still become a buzz with other gamers around the globe. The franchise already have an MMO available to Japanese gamers years back, the new Monster Hunter Online promises large scale boss battles and tons of monsters to hunt and running on the CryEngine 3 for more stunning visuals, we are still hoping Capcom can convince Tencent Games to make this available locally.


Everquest Next

Quoted as the next generation sandbox game by Sony Online Entertainment. With the removal of character classes, they introduced 40 different professions that you can experiment with for your own unique character, and let’s not forget the destructible environments and player created content. They will also release. Everquest Next will also have another game called Everquest Next Landmark, which will be focusing on designing around the environment, similar that with Minecraft.


Phantasy Star Online 2

This may be a two-year old game, but players are still hoping for a localized version despite being able to play on the Japanese servers with the help of a fan created English patch. The sequel to the hit MMORPG on the SEGA Dreamcast, this Sci-Fi and Fantasy mixed MMO have action packed missions with gigantic boss battles as well as weapon based skills, you can even crossplay with other players from the PS Vita port. All seems lost with the sudden silence from Sega until the teaser info of a South East Asia version from AsiaSoft that is targeting an early 2014 launch.


Blade & Soul

Another game that is already available in Asian countries, this action oriented MMO from NCSoft promised an intense core combat system that features martial arts and sword fighting skills, it even has dynamic events and interactive housing system. You know this game is really hyped when the recently launched Chinese server managed to host almost 2 millions online players, now all we need is an English release.


Black Desert Online

More like a crossbreed of different medieval fantasy games, Black Desert will feature parkour type of movements such as climbing and also large scale castle siege battles, it will even offer a housing feature that lets you even purchase other buildings from towns and turn them into shops. Combat will be also action based for more hack and slash battles.


Lineage Eternal

The third game from NCSoft that managed to be part on the list. Going back to the classic isometric action RPG style of game, Lineage Eternal will be more of a Diablo-like approach with horde smashing gameplay and will feature a new ‘drag action’ system; where you can perform skills through mouse gestures. No official announcement on its release, but there is a possibility that this will be available this year.



Dubbed as a ‘Shared-world shooter’ which confuses some if this is an MMIO or not, but this game deserves to be on the list as it will feature an open world with a post-apocalyptic setting and will incorporated some MMO elements. This first person MMORPG will feature public events/quests that can happen at any time even if it was not controlled by developers, making the universe in the game very much ‘alive’. The game will be available in multiple platforms both current and next gen on September 2014.

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