Dragon Nest Level 70: The Rise of Cities

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February 11, 2014


Valiant heroes of Dragon Nest SEA who are looking to max out their character levels, and take on the role of defender for peace in this epic game, rejoice. Shanda Games International (SDGi) has announced the launch of the game’s Level 70 content update, scheduled for release on 11 February 2014!

Players will witness the destruction of Saint Haven in this update. In an invasion of the grand city led by the traitor Ignacio, Saint Haven will be razed to the ground by the Black Dragon. But instead of cowering in fear, the citizens of Saint Haven rise to rebuild a new Saint Haven to signify their stand against evil.

With a new level ceiling of 70, players will also unearth a new zone “Anu Arendel”, the sacred home of the Elves and the Tree of Life. Anu Arendel includes 5 new dungeons, each with its own boss monster to be defeated.

“Dragon Nest’s latest update lets players journey out of Saint Haven, into a whole new world,” said Mr Addison Kang, Vice-President of Shanda Games International. “The release of the long-awaited Level 70 update brings a fresh set of challenges to our players and promises a different dimension of play.” The Level 70 update includes new EX spells and passives for each class, giving players new combinations to explore with. Gameplay dynamics also change with this patch: champion monsters now have more
specific passive/active skills, the “easy” difficulty level will be removed so that players can enjoy the game from “normal” to “abyss” levels of difficulty, and the difficulty of “abyss” levels will now be adjusted according to the number of party members, allowing players to clear “abyss” dungeons alone.

“We thank the Dragon Nest SEA community for its constant support for the game, and we will continue working to keep the game fresh and exciting by bringing more updates to the region as soon as possible,” added Mr Kang.

More information of the Level 70 content update, including a detailed breakdown of the second job advancements can be found at http://dn.cherrycredits.com.

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