Valentine Gift suggestions for geeks/nerds.

Written by General Miss A

February 13, 2014

Looking for that almost geeky or nerdy gift that you want to give to your significant other this coming Valentines? Fear not, we have you covered.

We listed six suggestions for you to get started. Heck, even if it’s not during Valentine’s day, these small suggestions will help you score brownie points to the person you’re planning to give to.

1. Huge d20 chocolate with surprise d20 inside. 

For the board gamer geek in your life, not only that this chocolate is shaped like a D20 die, there is also a an actual D20 die inside this chocolatey multisided die.


2. Mana and Health Potion Earrings with Key Charms. 

More accessories for the females. These earrings are handmade, the potion and mana bottles are genuine small glass bottles with cork stoppers. Heck, these earrings that are so well crafted you can probably use these as props for your next D&D session.



3. This cute handmade Floppy Disk Pillow

For those techy geek couples, this might be the perfect pillow addition to your room. If you don’t know what a floppy disk is you’re too young. 🙂



4. These mugs. 

For Star Wars fans, if you love Han Solo and Leia so much, this are probably the only mugs you will use for the rest of your life.

5. This shirt.

Anyone who is dating a web designer, you can have this shirt as a present to your geeky significant other. The message on this shirt can get you wired up.


6. These Chemistry cuff links

Tired of getting seeing boring cuff links to match your significant other’s tux? Fear not, because these chemistry cuff links will add flair to their collection of cuff links (unless they’re made of gold and jewels, that’s not a problem too.)


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