SMM Ph Successfully Held Their First Office Seminar


SENDI MUTIARA MULTIMEDIA PHILIPPINES, the leading iCAFE network solutions provider,heldtheirvery first office seminaron Saturday 9th of February 2014, at their main office located at 67 Scout Rallos Street, Quezon City.The 3 hour session has been attended by numerous iCAFE owners, along with the representatives of SMM Philippines themselves.

“This is a great way to bring thecompany closer to our valued customers, establishing ourselves further towards our target market.” – Benson Te
“This is a great way to bring thecompany closer to our valued customers, establishing ourselves further towards our target market.” – Benson Te

The seminar participants received a thorough overview of what SMM Philippines has to offer. These includes a quick rundown of SMM Philippines itself, the Battle LAN System, SMM Play, Rewards System, VMoney integration, and the gaming tournaments that should aid gamers, and iCAFE owners towards the betterment of the whole gaming &eSports industry.  Check out the video here:


SMM Philippines encourages everyone to visit their headquarters for queries, suggestions, and concerns with regards to anything under the sun.Their sales team and technical team would be happy to assist you with any of your concerns. Contact them at and/or (+63)351-38-11.




All gamers can now enjoy playing popular LAN games in a larger community; this has been made possible by connecting several to thousands of cybercafé networks via our Battle LAN System. Players now will always have other gamers to play with, a sit to sit in, and will no longer have to go to far-flung computer shop to play their favorite games.


SMM PH Rewards


Receive the full benefits of SMM Philippines as a service provider, and get the chance to earn reward points that can be used to redeem exclusive perks and benefits from SMM Philippines. Check out the video here:




SMM Philippines Offers a highly intuitive, robust, flexible, customized and cost-effective solution to payment needs with your own debit card. It provides merchants and members alike the ease, convenience and control of management payments and transferring funds across multiple channels in real-time anytime, anywhere.

With VMoney system advances security assures members that data integrity and privacy are held to the highest standards in compliance with banking and regulatory requirements for worry-free transactions. Plus, with this service’s pre-paid MasterCard, members can make payments at over 28 million retailers and access cash at over 1.5 million ATM’s worldwide!

Learn more about SMM Philippines’ products and service here:



Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Philippines offers 360 degrees solution for iCafe businesses at a very affordable and flexible prices. We have started our vision to bring together all cybercafé owners back in Malaysia and now we are bringing it here in the Philippines. SMM is here not only to offer you products; but also build and support the growing cybercafé business, strengthen the local PC gaming industry; as well as to elevate the local eSports community.

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