Asiasoft Now Owns Level-Up!


One of the largest and known MMO publisher in the Philippines has now been purchased by Asiasoft.

The document from the Stock Exchange of Thailand has surfaced, confirming the purchase of Level Up! Games by Asiasoft in an amount of 4.2 million USD last February 5, 2014, this also includes the remaining shareholder of Level Up! Inc. amounting to 1.26 million USD.

A week ago, a report has confirmed that the Asiasoft Corp bought out the entire shareholdings of IP E-Game Ventures from Level Up!.

Two years ago, Level Up! and E-Games have merged that made them one of the largest MMO publisher in the Philippines.

Asiasoft is one of Thailand’s largest publisher that is offering triple A games to Southeast Asia, some of their notable games include Ragnarok Online 2, CABAL, MapleStory and Cosmic Break along with upcoming games such as DC Universe Online and Phantasy Star Online 2.

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