Saving memories one upload at a time with WD’s “My Cloud” Personal Cloud Storage

Written by Asia

March 24, 2014

A lot of people nowadays take digital images of everything they do. From the place they go (#IWasThere), the way they look (“Selfie”) people they are out with (“Groupie”), clothes they wear (#OOTD) and even the food they are about to eat (#FoodPorn), expect this to taken using any of their picture-capable devices with their matching respective internet trend or hashtag.

Now all of these things are fun to do because it’s a memory we can share at that moment or even look back during “TBT” (Throwback Thursday). But then let’s say you’re in the best event or place you’ve been to, met someone you really idolize or like, or simply saw something you want to remember and then your device suddenly gets lost, broken or worse all files gets corrupted! What would you do? It would probably the one of the crappiest things that could ruin a good memory… unless you’ve backed them up properly. This is where, my friends, a cloud storage is most effective.

Let’s take for example a very interesting food trip I and some bloggers did during the weekend. It was a visit in the lively streets of Chinatown in Binondo where we experienced eating some of the weirdest yet acceptable Chinese dishes the place has to offer. During the trip, I particularly had to face an exotic delicacy I’ve never tried yet—the frog legs in the Estero restaurant was cleverly wrapped in a crisp and golden coating perfectly covered the thin, small frog legs which made my first time eating it less hard to swallow (and surprisingly it did somehow taste like chicken). Chinatown restaurants also had a lot of other good tasting dishes which is not typically offered in other more-famous Chinese restaurants. All of the things we saw and ate are the type of experiences that can be captured by a photo and is nice to share and or store for future reference.

A day in Chinatown, Binondo.

A day in Chinatown, Binondo.

It was also an opportunity to test how Western Digital’s latest product, the “My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage” works. My Cloud is an actual hard drive which can act as a personal cloud storage that just needs to be set up at your home or anywhere you want to place it and once it’s plugged in, you or anyone allowed to access that storage can connect to it anytime or anywhere in the world! With just an internet connection and the WD “My Cloud app” to access the storage, all the photos and videos we took during the trip was uploaded with ease. It was truly stress-free without having to think what I would do if I lose my files. Before any upload, one just needs the My Cloud app in their smartphones or devices (such as tablets, smart TV’s and even gaming consoles) to manage their files faster (already available in Apple Store and Google Play). It has a user-friendly interface which makes back-up and uploading or downloading all the more faster to store or share. It’s also good to note that the product has the capability to transfer files between their My Cloud to their public storage accounts from Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive! But since the actual storage or drive is owned in the possession of the user, they can be confident that their data is within their control and no monthly fees required!

The WD My Cloud Products: (from the right) for personal storage, the EX4 for business, and the front page of the My Cloud app.

The WD My Cloud Products: (from the right) for personal storage, the EX4 for business, and the front page of the My Cloud app.

Whether it’s a photo, video, music or important documents, it’s about time that everyone gets into the habit of backing up their data. Anyone can now have their Personal Cloud Storage for their personal or hobby or use an even bigger storage capacity with the My Cloud EX4 for business use.

For more information about these storage devices, check out and experience for yourself the ease and value a cloud storage can deliver!

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