PROLiNK UPS Seminar Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

April 15, 2014


Top IT brand PROLiNK held their Online UPS Seminar at the EDSA Shangrila Hotel last April 1, 2014.

The event kicks off with Larry Siy from Redwood Ventures giving the opening speech as well as discussing on their contribution for the Yolanda Typhoon victims by donating Solar Panel Systems.

The discussion was then focused more on the Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS, which was presented by Ho Choon Heung of Fida International. He first gave a brief introduction about PROLiNK before he proceed to provide an in-depth explanation about the benefits of having a UPS on your home and business.




He explained the several types of UPS depending on the consumer’s preferences:

  • Online UPS
  • Line Interactive UPS
  • Inverter UPS
  • DC UPS
  • Solar UPS

He then showcased some of PROLiNK’s latest line of UPS that caters to several targeted consumers

  • Professional Series
  • Master Series
  • Power Series
  • PPM Series

Mr. Hueng also gave tips and guides on how to maintain your UPS to prolong its lifespan, these include regularly checking the battery every six months and keeping your UPS away from direct sunlight.

It is good to see that PROLiNK is helping people get informed about the importance of the UPS especially that can improve with their business.

You can visit PROLiNK’s official website to learn about their products:

You can also visit their Facebook page as well:


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