Best Bunnies in Gaming

Written by Chad

April 20, 2014

best bunnies

It’s now Easter Sunday and it’s time to showcase not the eggs, but some of the coolest bunnies in gaming.

Yep it’s Easter Sunday and a better way to celebrate it is to feature some of the coolest bunnies in video games. No, not those sexy Playboy bunnies, we’re talking about those furry little critters that have been turned into awesome characters in certain video games. We picked five characters that are rabbits/bunnies or rather have similar characteristics of a rabbit, plus they are playable in a game either in single player or multiplayer and they don’t need to be in the starring role in their respective game, then of course let’s not forget the cool factor where they can definitely kick butt.

Please do note that the list has no particular order


Fanart by marcotte

Fanart by marcotte

Bucky O’Hare (Bucky O’Hare)

He’s that awesome green rabbit from space that tries to save the Aniverse from the Toad menace. But good ‘ol Captain isn’t just for the morning cartoons, he was also featured in the 1992 NES and arcade game, and both games are fun to play. Now what makes him cool is that he tries to save the whole universe with his badass crew that composed of a psionic feline, a gun-toting four-armed duck, a rampaging baboon, a mono-eyed android and a witty human engineer against the Toad empire. And who else can lead the fight? Captain Bucky O’Hare. Plus who wouldn’t love to become a space captain rabbit and save the galaxy?


fanart by dArKhEaRtBK201

fanart by dArKhEaRtBK201

Alice (Bloody Roar series)

In the Bloody Roar series, fighters has the ability to transform into a ferocious creatures to beat their adversaries to a bloody pulp, one of the characters in the games lets you become a rabbit, and she can kick your butt. Alice Tsugakami is a mainstay character in the Bloody Roars series, a kind-hearted woman, she is an agile character in the game and once she transformed into her rabbit form she can jump really high and can duke out massive damage to her enemies with her Bunny Love and Lifting Star Lane Beast Drives. So if you want to be a badass fighting rabbit, better pick Alice.


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