Asiasoft Brings Heroes of the Storm to the Asian MOBA Wars

Written by Chad

April 29, 2014


Asiasoft has just announced that they will be bringing Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA game to Southeast Asia.

It looks like they will be adding a new contender to the MOBA wars in Asia with the inclusion of Heroes of the Storm to Asiasoft latest line up of games. A press release was posted in one of their Game Master ‘s Facebook page:

 Asiasoft Corporation Public Limited Company (“Asiasoft”) today announced a partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. to bring bring Heroes of the Storm™  to four Southeast Asian countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Since October 2011, Asiasoft has been Blizzard Entertainment’s exclusive distribution partner in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, providing marketing and channeling for Blizzard’s best-selling games such as Diablo® IIIWorld of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria™,StarCraft II®: Heart of the Swarm®, and the most recently, Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™. As of December 2013, in an effort to bring Blizzard games to more players in the region, the partnership has expanded to include the Philippines.

Unveiled at BlizzCon® in October 2013, Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play online team brawler starring iconic characters from Blizzard’s franchises: Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo.Players will be able to customize heroes from across every Blizzard universe, teaming up with friends to engage in fast-paced gameplay across varied battlegrounds that impact team strategy. Heroes of the Storm is currently in the Technical Alpha phase and is being developed for Windows and Mac platforms.

Heroes of the Storm will bring together many of the most popular heroes and villains form more than 20 years of Blizzard games.” said Paul Sams, COO Blizaard Entertainment. “Our focus on team combat and map-based objectives make the game accessible to new players, while offering depth for competitive gamers as well. We believe gamers in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines will love playing Heroes of the Storm.”

On behalf of Asiasoft and its subsidiaries, we are honored to be Blizzard’s partner in bringing Heroes of the Storm to gamers in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines,” said Pramoth Sudjitporn, CEO of Asiasoft Corporation Public Limited Company. “We are working closely with Blizzard in preparation for the game’s launch and we look forward to providing Blizzard’s brand of online brawler to gamers in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.”

Asiasoft will operate and market Heroes of the Storm in Thailand and Singapore while Asiasoft’s subsidiaries, CiB Net Station Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and Level Up! Inc. (Philippines), will handle the game’s operation and marketing in their respective country. Further details on the game’s launch plan in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines will be announced in near future.


This would be very interesting on how Heroes of the Storm will make an impact on the Southeast Asian gamers, especially with the wide range of MOBA games available in the market. Asiasoft has also released Strife; a second generation MOBA game from the creators of Heroes of Newearth. The game is still in the Closed Beta Phase.

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