Character Archetypes, Skills and the Combat System in Archlord II

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May 10, 2014

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WEBZEN, the pioneering free-to-play games developer and publisher, reveals details about character archetypes, skills and combat in Archlord 2.


To provide an engaging and a largely unrestricted environment, Archlord2 introduces an effectively classless character system that will allow players to adopt any role in combat, depending on the type of weapon a player uses.

There are four different types of weapons in Archlord 2, reflecting the number of character archetypes or combat roles available to players. Equipping a weapon of a specific type will give players access to a set of skills that corresponds with a specific archetype. Using weapons of a certain type will build proficiency with that weapon type and allow players to access additional passive and active skills.

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In addition to this classless system, Archlord 2 offers an engaging combat system featuring so called chained skills.

Chained skills can only be used in conjunction with each other and only in a fixed order. In combat, they are used as combo attacks. Players will be able to start a combo attack by using the first skill in the chain, and a successful attack will enable next skill to be available for a certain time. With perfect timing and right order of attacks, chained skills will allow players to inflict great damage to the unaware monsters, but most importantly, to other players.

To provide as much information as possible before the Close Beta Test commences, the Archlord 2 Community Management team is working on an official game wikiapage. To find out more about combat system, available archetypes and the lore of Archlord 2, visit:


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Additionally, WEBZEN confirms that the game will be available in English, German and French language versions. In order to deliver the highest quality, the WEBZEN Dublin localisation team will translate almost 2 million words to support these languages.

Archlord 2 is currently in pre- registration, and the players interested in participating in the closed beta can pre-register their account on the game’s official website at To increase their chances of being selected, players can also join an additional daily draw on the official Archlord 2 Facebook page at


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ARCHLORD 2 is a medieval fantasy-based MMORPG that takes place in the mysterious and dangerous world of Chantra. Players will join in a never-ending conflict between the two opposing factions of the Azuni and the Crunn. They will be able to satisfy their thirst for power by participating in enormous PvP battles holding up to 400 players, and fighting to claim the ultimate prize and to become the Archlord – the world’s supreme ruler.

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