SMITE: Siege the Day!


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The gods have a new way to wage war.
Teams of 5 spawn vicious Siege minions in this fast-paced conquest variant.

Set in the Jungles of the Mayan Gods, SIEGE features lush vegetation, ancient ruins in a two-lane map with towers, phoenixes, and Titans. Teams can spawn mighty Siege Weapons to destroy enemy objectives and aid allies.




Teams earn points through battle. Killing a player is worth 5 points, a minion worth 1 point, and a jungle camp worth 9 points. Once a team reaches 100 points, a friendly Siege Weapon is spawned.

Players may teleport to a friendly Siege Weapon at any time by entering the portal located in their base.

Resides in the center of the Mayan Siege map. Kill her to instantly spawn a friendly Siege Tower!

*This gamemode is still in Beta.
The art and design are not final. We look forward to your feedback and to improving further in future patches.





Tribute Points & Cycle

Victories earn you TRIBUTE POINTS.

Acquire enough Tribute Points and rank up!
Every 100 Tribute Points moves you up to the next Division or Tier!

Every two months, Tribute Points are reset to zero.
Your Division, Tier, and Rating are not affected.
Every reset also yields rewards!



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