Machu Picchu in Rakion!! May Update


New events and content for Rakion this May

Event Period: 12th May 2014 after maintenance ~ 9th Jun 2014 before maintenance


Police Costume is updated

Seen amazing prisoner’s costume? Now it’s time to arrest them wearing police costume.


Machu Picchu map is updated

Machu Picchu theme map is updated. Meet the mystery of South America in Rakion.

Look forward to a unusual combat in the mysterious ancient remains~


Reward will be given for every stage played

Have you cleared some stages and no more reward to get for them? Now, you can get the reward again by cleared stages now.


PU card is on sale

PU card will be back on sale during the event period.


Fight to get a unique clan mark

Powerful clan can get unique clan mark.

Top 1 to 5 clans (based on the clan EXP earned during the event period) will be rewarded with very special rare clan marks.


Use Gacha draw and get another gacha draw ticket for free

If you use 1st gacha draw during the event period, 2nd gacha draw ticket will be given for free.


Get rewarded with Devils wing item

10pcs of Devil’s wing items will be rewarded for every 20,000 Cash (accumulated) used. Wear devil’s wing and clear Theme park stage easily~

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