Final Fantasy III Gets a Steam Port

Written by Louis

May 12, 2014

Another episode of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Franchise enters the world of PC Gaming soon as Valve’s Steam platform welcomes Final Fantasy III.

Dubbed as one of the most loved games of the Role Playing Game Series, first released in 1990 only in Japanese shores and finally released to the West on 2007 as a Nintendo DS Remake, Final Fantasy III will be getting its “optimized” port to the PC via Valve’s Steam Platform with enhanced 3D visuals and story cut-scenes.

Although a release date was not yet provided by both Square Enix and Valve, this Steam Port will also include Steam Trading Cards and Achievement collectibles for fans as well as new visual designs for Job Mastery Cards.

A Steam Application page for Final Fantasy III has already been set up and fans that will be anticipating this release can also get their updates by visiting this link.

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