Pro Player Disses ‘Low-budget Tournament’

Written by Chad

May 13, 2014


Looks like a drama is unfolding on the local eSports scene that could be much hotter than your regular Smackdown! episode


The drama started when Jupiter Mars ‘elgee’ Gaboy of MSI.EvoGT shared and dissed an article of Level Up! Games’ Assault Fire tournament for the upcoming SMM Cyberslam, an event that will be hosting different tournaments for selected games. elgee stated that the grand prize of the tournament that is at PhP 5,000 was a ‘laughtrip’.

One of the people from Level Up! games responded on his statement and explained that the said tournament was more of an impromptu and they have other ongoing and upcoming tournaments for Assault Fire, hence they can only provide that certain amount. He also apologized to elgee for not meeting his expectation for a higher funded cash.

elgee explained that he was sad to see a main event to only have a very small cash prize, on a side note, he is the ‘Chief Gaming Officer’ of MSI-Evolution Gaming Team and won several tournaments of Crossfire, an MMOFPS published by GameClub in the Philippines and the direct competitor of Level Up! Games’ Assault Fire.

It’s sad to see in this generation that most eSports players are just more for the money rather than for the passion and glory, though it’s understandable that some need it for their family, but still everyone has their humble beginnings in tournaments that has little or no cash prizes, we gotta remember where we all started.




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