Apacer Launches New Earphone Series – Most True-to-Life Sound

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May 16, 2014


With the popularity of mobile devices, accessories have become a symbol of personality. To meet the mobile audio and visual needs of people who enjoy mobile life, Apacer has launched its latest series of earphones: E101, E311 and E310.

These earphones adopt standard 3.5 mm audio connectors and are compatible with smartphones, tablet PCs, handheld game consoles, MP3 players and other portable audio-visual devices. Colorful appearance blended with a dazzling style reflects a truly personal chic taste. The ergonomic in-ear design not only optimizes sound effects but also avoids hearing damage caused by excessive volume. Stylish people can immerse into the wonderful world of music and enjoy the charms of rock anytime and anywhere.



Eye-catching E101 Snow Elf, Fashion Ladies’ Favorite

The Apacer entry level E101 Snow Elf is light and compact in a portable vest-pocket size, and the simple and elegant snow-white color naturally creates a unique style for fashion ladies. The almost weightless in-ear design facilitates long-term use. The spherical silicone earplugs not only feature good sound isolation but can also effectively prevent sound leakage and isolate low-frequency noises. The music is performed more clearly and excellent for commuters and non-resident students. Moreover, it provides three sizes of earplugs which can comfortably fit with various ear contours, enhancing comfort and integral stability and creating a perfect listening experience.



Reserved E311 Black Knight Dazzling E310 Rock Cobra Top Choice with Optimal C/P Values

Apacer also introduces the advanced earphone series E311 Black Knight and E310 Rock Cobra with built-in microphones for smartphones. Both earphones are able to answer and hang up phone calls, playback or pause music with one key, simplifying operation without missing calls while enjoying the music. Regarding its exterior design, the E311 Black Knight adopts a black metallic material, where a black wire is embedded with azure blue lines, revealing a gentleman-like reserved superior taste. E310 Rock Cobra includes a bright yellow/red design, demonstrating youthful vitality with fluorescent colors.



The E311 Black Knight and E310 Rock Cobra earphones adopt 8 mm and 10mm driver units and are able to completely and clearly output low/medium/high frequency audio, reproducing the original sounds to the best, whether it’s pop, classical, jazz or rock music. In addition, the flat wire designed with an anti-curl feature is not easy to be twisted or tied during use or storage. Gilded stereo mini plugs prevent damage caused by improper use of the wire and strengthen robustness and durability. Thanks to S/M/L sizes of earplugs, combined with a comfortable and secure in-ear design, the closed environment will reduce the background noise more effectively and enhance the surround sound. They are a practical and stylish mobile accessory with highest C/P values.

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