Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014 Fantasm: Close but No Cigar

Written by General Miss A

May 29, 2014


We covered the 3rd Pinoy Otaku Festival dubbed as Fantasm and we checked if the event did meet its expectation or not.

Pinoy Otaku Festival’s Fanstasm did not exceed expectations as a cosplay event, the whole thing didn’t go smoothly, and given by the location more or less it wasn’t the best venue to hold a cosplay event.

Some points that made Fantasm less of a success:

  • The hot weather was making the venue like a hot oven as there was no air condition in the theme park area, most of the cosplayers and their guests are seen hanging around inside the theater lobby. People who aren’t attendees of the con took the opportunity to snap some photos with the cosplayers seen lounging around.
  • There wasn’t much booths as expected, there were only around 6 to 7 booths present (excluding the front desk). Most of them are just tables with the exhibitors’ wares displayed, there was a gaming booth but most of the time who stayed there, took advantage of the free seating. The tables rented out came from the nearby barangay hall due to miscommunication from the event organizers and the mall administration.
  • There were a lot of people in the pool area, but it doesn’t look like the Fantasm attendees didn’t take the opportunity to take a swim to cool down as most of them just loitered beside the steel fences.
  • Faulty equipment: 2 broken stereo sets and counting, they had to get a new one.
  • There was no stage lighting, after sunset it was already hard to watch the cosplayers perform without any stage lights to emphasize their performance. We could say the same during the battle of the bands segment.
  • The program flow was so terrible that the last segment took longer than expected. Half of the crowd already left because they were getting impatient and most of the cosplayers endured the heat while waiting.


Aside from these negative points, there was some good that came out of the event:

  • Everyone was interacting with one another. There was a good amount of hi’s and hello’s during the event.
  • Since the venue was at a mall theme park, most of the cosplayers took advantage of the venue’s facilities for their mini-photoshoots.
  • The children in their costumes are quite the show stopper. It was fun watching them.


There is a huge lesson to learn from this. Planning and managing an event is no easy task, and executing a well ironed program flow (with alternative plans for back-up) is key for a successful event.

To NCPH, we hope this doesn’t discourage you from holding future events. We wish you all the best.

(Apologies to the blurry images, these were taken from a video)

The Aftermath Video will be uploaded next week…

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