SMM Philippines Cyberslam Event Aftermath

Written by Chad

May 30, 2014


One of Malaysia’s largest eSports organizers has landed in the Philippines and made their debut with a grand entrance with Cyberslam.

Cyberslam is a two-day eSports event that was held on May 24 and 25, 2014 at the Annex Event Area (Cyberzone area) in SM North EDSA. It featured several matches from popular eSports games such as Defense of The Ancients, Valve’s DoTA 2, Starcraft 2: Heart of The Swarm, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Level Up! Games’ Assault Fire.

Gamers and eSports enthusiasts flocked into the 2-day event piling up in long lines for mini games and freebies from the event sponsors from the likes of Monster Energy Drink, DC Shoes, Zesto, Razer, Philips and AOC.

SMM’s CEO Dr. Ricky Lim was present at Cyberslam and gave a short speech about SMM’s history and its main focus in gaming, at the same time he announced that SMM will be sponsoring the travel expense of the young Tekken Tag Prodigy Alexandre ‘AK’ Laverez where he will make his tournament debut in the SEA Majors to compete for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this coming June 20-22, 2014.

Also held in Cyberslam was the Class S finals of the Mineski Pro Gaming League for DoTA 2.



Here are the list of winners from Cyberslam:

Warcraft 3: DoTA

  • Champion: Team 2014 | Prize: PhP 20,000.00 + 5x Razer Vespula + 5x Steam Wallet worth 30.00 USD
  • Second Place: Team Guardianz | Prize: PhP 10,000.00


DoTA2 MPGL Season VI-S

  • Champion: Gigabyte.Mineski | Prize: PhP 13,000.00 + 5x Razer Vespula
  • Second Place: MSI-EvoGT.TRIC | Prize: Php 6,000.00



  • Champion: Staz | Prize: PhP 5,000.00 + Razer Vespula
  • Second Place: Earl | Prize: PhP 2,500.00

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

  • Champion: IPT.Enderr | Prize: PhP 5,000.00 + Razer Vespula
  • Second place: MSI.EvoGT Dane | Prize: PhP 2,500.00


Assault Fire

  • Champion: TNC.Olongapo | Prize: PhP 5,000.00 + Razer Vespula
  • Second Place: Wargodz | Prize: PhP 3,000.00



At the closing of the event, SMM Philippines revealed that they will be preparing a much larger gaming event, no specific information was mentioned for the said event aside from the 4th Quarter of 2014 event date. It seems that Cyberslam will be the next Pinoy Gaming Festival after its sudden absence this year, their last event was from October of 2013 at the World Trade Center.

With the eSports scene becoming larger every year, we are guessing that Cyberslam will also become an annual summer event.



*Photos were taken by Ken Acosta

Reimaru Files was one of the Media Partners of SMM Philippines Cyberslam

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