Toycon 2014 Epic Launch Event Aftermath


One of the largest hobby event made their second launch event at the Resorts World Manila.

It was held last May 31, 2014 The Epic Launch was similar to their last year’s launch event, but featured more activities like panel discussions and band performance.

There were also several retail booths selling toys and figures at the event from Arigatoys, Greattoys Online, Big Boys Toy Store and Toy Kingdom.


Some of the panel discussions that were presented include a brief introduction on DC Comics ‘New 52’, the 75th Anniversary of Batman, toy collecting, cosplay 101 and video games which was presented by the Reimaru Files team.

Halfway through the list of panel talks, the organizers prepared a press conference for the upcoming Toycon 2014 event, the organizers Azrael Coladilla, Cholo Mallillin and Victor Yap were present and discussed the planned activities for the massive event. Also present were Abby Enriquez and Theresa Bautista of Pacific Licensing; who handles the license for DC Comics and Warner Bros. and Francis Bonnevie of Resorts World Manila. They’ve also announced some of the movies that will be promoted at Toycon 2014, these include Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy and the 2 Rurouni Kenshin live action movies. The event will also celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman.


Some of the questions passed on the panelists include the possibility for the organizers to move to a bigger venue, this has confirmed by Cholo Mallillin that they will be moving to a bigger venue on next year’s Toycon. And a question regarding any support to the local game developers was announced, 10 indie game developers will be featured at Toycon 2014 and each of them will hosting their own booths.

After the press con and panel talks, the cosplay competition for the NCR Qualifiers of World Cosplay Summit Philippines 2014 (congratulations to Abraham Cruz and Krizdel Ingreso who cosplayed as Maria and Reinhart from Knights in the Nightmare).

Toycon sure did made another impression with their epic Launch event, we are definity looking forward to another great event this June with Toycon 2014.

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