Nexcon Event Aftermath: A Geek Event that We All Need

Written by Chad

June 4, 2014


We got to attend Nexcon last weekend and we will tell you all about our experiences in the event.

The two-day event was held at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City and it featured everything from Western Sci-Fi, Fantasy and other Geek fandom.


Upon entering the venue, you will be greeted with different booths from retailers, organizations and sponsors that offered different kinds of merchandise; from plushies to geek shirts to bargain action figures from Geekerie Shirts, Gaming Library, Pid Clothing and Wonder Pop.

There are also some booths from indie comic book artists (Beerkada, Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents and Ambush)and indie game developers (Whitewidget Games), giving you a closer look on some of the latest creations on the local industry. Mothership also showcased their 3D printer and some of their creations. AXN, Animax and Warner Bros. were also present to showcase their newest line of TV series, anime and movie.


Aside from the booths, there are tons of activities at the auditorium (if you purchased the Silver or Gold pass), these include panel discussions about the local Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV and films which were discussed by Erik Matti, Teddy Co, John Wong and Louie Suarez, there’s also the genre literature discussion by Karl de Mesa, Yvette Tan, Joseph Nacino and Gabriela Lee and then the local comics scene by Leinil Yu, Danny Acuna, Carlo Vergara, Lyndon Gregorio, Andrew Villar and AJ Bernardo.

Nexcon also hosted a GeekFight! Battle Royale  which was organized by the Geek Fight community (Silver and Gold users only) where teams of six must answer a series of geek-related questions, the team with the highest score wins.

And then of course there is still the cosplay competition handled by, though the first-day competition offers a different twist; judges will roam around the event area to select their top 5 cosplayers.


One of the best highlights in Nexcon is the community, you can see Dr. Who fans geeking it out and having fun at the Tardis booth, DC Comics (Justice PH) and Star Wars (501st Legion PH Outpost) cosplayers having a great time . Here you can definitely enjoy your passion to your favorite TV series, movie or video games with some of your friends and even meet new friends of the same interest. This is not the same old mainstream event that you see nowadays that has no main focus on a specific genre.

Though one of the fallback on the event was the pricing, since the event is still new, it will be hard to convince some of the geek communities to purchase the Silver and Gold passes, they could have offered it on their next event to assure more activities. We also hope that they could include indie game developers and digital artists/animators.

We enjoyed staying at the event, though there are times that there are very few people inside due to the event being new, which is understandable for first events. We also hope that they could add more spice to their next event such as more hall activities and more panel guests. And we do hope that the organizers continue this as an annual tradition, giving geeks like us a better event to stay and enjoy.

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