ASUS Republic of Gamers Launches Epic Gaming Equipment at Computex 2014

Written by Chad

June 5, 2014

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today showcased at Computex 2014its new line-up of gaming gear, each and every product crafted with the epic power and beauty demanded by the world’s best gamers.

The awesome gears on display have been created by ROG for champions in pursuit of portability, powerand extreme performance. The portable and powerful gaming products include the G20 desktop designed to dominate small-form-factor gaming,the market-redefining GR8 that delivers PC gaming power in console form,the ultra-thin, ultra-cool GX500 gaming notebook, the Gladius gaming mouse with epic ergonomics and the GK2000 keyboard, which employs mechanical switches for high tactility and superb responsiveness.

To tantalize performance enthusiasts, ROG showcased Maximus VII Formula, our flagship Z97-based gaming ATX motherboard, the Maximus VII Impact mini-ITX powerhouse, Crossblade Ranger — ROG’s first AMD FM2+ gaming motherboard — and the limited-edition Ares III, world’s fastest graphics card powered by dual Radeon™Hawaii XT  graphics-processing units (GPUs) and cooled by a custom-designed water block.

Commenting on ROG’s Computex 2014 presentation, ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih said: “Performanceis what we live and breathe for! And aesthetics is about creating a sense of pride and belonging, way beyond the use of lines and colors. We take it upon ourselves to transform your desires and imagination into myriad products that are both beautiful and powerful — to deliver the most epic gaming experience. This time, we aim to break all the boundaries that confines hard-core gaming into any designated space.”

Invited to the stage by Mr Shih, Intel® Vice President, PC Client Group & GM, Desktop Client Platform Group, Lisa Graff remarked: “We at Intel recognize the small-form-factor gaming trend and are delighted that ASUS has embraced this trend inits new products In Search Of Incredible”. She also commented: “The combination of ASUS products and innovative Intel technologies, including Intel 4th-generation Core processors, Intel Ethernet products and Intel Thunderbolt products, deliver industry-leading experiences.”



Created for champions in pursuit of portability and power

ASUS ROG G20 Compact Gaming Desktop PC

ROG G20 gaming desktop

ROG G20 is designed to dominate the field of small-form-factor gaming desktops, and has already received the exclusive Best Choice of the Year Award and Best Choice Golden Award at Computex. The G20 features a compact 12.5-liter case that houses an Intel Core™ i7 processor and an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™780 graphics card for unstoppable HD-gaming performance and entertainment.

G20 has no visible exhaust vents, but takes advantage of natural convection with a thermal design featuring a hidden airflow tunnel that ensures efficient heat management and near-silent operation, measuring just 25dB at idle. G20’s case has a sophisticated design, with aggressive lines, Mayan stenciling, matt-black finish and customizable lighting effects that showcase up to eight-million colors across three different zones.

G20 is as energy-efficient as it is powerful. In Eco Energy Mode, it requires only 20W — delivering energy savings 50% better than the industry average.It also features the ASUS-exclusive Aegis application for monitoring system performance through a gamer-friendly user interface.


ASUS ROG GR8 Gaming Console PC

ROG GR8 console gaming PC

ROG GR8 is full-on PC gaming with high style and fantastic convenience. With an Intel Core i7processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti graphics, GR8 packs immense PC power into sleek console dimensions for gaming experiences that push far beyond your expectations. From the outstanding SupremeFX audio output to 4K/UHD graphics and no-lag Gigabit Ethernet networking, along with a design allowing easy upgrades of storage devices and memory, GR8 is hardcoded for gaming. The slimline design is as at home in the living room as it is in a bedroom, and occupies hardly any space.It also has a built-in Miracastreceiver, allowing HD content from supported Android smartphonesand tablets, Windows 8.1 PCsand WiDi 3.5+ devicesto be streamed straight to the big screen.

The first GR8 runs Windows 8.1 and is fully compatible with SteamOS and the Steam Controller. A SteamOS-powered ROG GR8 will be launchedat a later date, in alignment with Valve’s Steam Machine schedule.


ASUS ROG GX500 Gaming Notebook

ROG GX500 gaming notebook

GX500 is ROG’s new ultra-thin, ultra-cool notebook that offers gaming power to go. Just 19mm thick — the thinnest in the 15.6-inch gaming notebook class— and 2.2kg in weight, GX500 packs specifications far beyond its size, with the latestIntel Core i7processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX860M graphics. It also boasts a 4K/UHD (ultra-high-definition)3840×2160-pixeldisplay with exclusive VisualMastertechnologythat providesan incredibly wide color gamut of 100% NTSC, a world-first on a notebook. Gaming on the go has never looked this sharp.GX500 is also equipped with intelligent dual-fan cooling systemfor exceptionally-efficient and effective cooling.

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