Megatron figure transforms into a SEGA Mega Drive

Written by Chad

July 11, 2014


This is one of the coolest Megatron figure we’ve ever seen and a tribute to a classic gaming console.


This version of the Decepticon leader was found on display at the Wonder Festival 2014 a few months back, and yes it can transform into a Mega Drive console, to the English gamers, this is popularly known as the SEGA Genesis. The transformable figure will be released by Takara Tomy this year, though the figure will be a 1/5 scale of the actual console and no, it does not play Mega Drive games.

Now we are hoping for a Famicon console version of Optimus Prime to be available, speaking of which…

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  1. Optimus Prime Transforms to a PlayStation - […] we have Megatron transforming into a Sega Mega Drive, now it’s Optimus Prime’s turn to become a gaming […]

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