Take a Look at the Cancelled WWE Power Stone-ish Game

undertaker wwe brawl

If this game didn’t get cancelled, it would be an awesome party game.

An arcade-like WWE game was in development a few years back, entitled WWE Brawl and it was aimed for both WWE fans and non-wrestling fans. Sadly the game was eventually cancelled  by THQ in 2012.

A couple of concept artworks were found from Rich Lyons’ personal blog showing different characters and sketches of their alternate costumes.

WWE Brawl would feature a gameplay similar to the Power Stone games, it would feature current WWE superstars like the Undertaker, The Big Show and John Cena plus some of the legends such as Hulk Hogan and DiBiase, their designs are based on their personalities, there is even a design of Vince McMahon wearing a mecha suit. Based on the concept art, the characters can be customized with different outfits.

We found two  trailer of the cancelled game showing different WWE wrestlers and their trademark moves in a more arcade-ish feel, this trailer was apparently shown at a business summit a day before Wrestlemania 27.



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