Download Archlord 2 Soundtrack for Free

archlord 2 soundtrack

Like the game and the music? Then go download the soundtrack for free!

Webzen shared us some of the great scores from their latest MMO Archlord 2, the selected tracks were composed by Cris Velasco who is also known for his works in popular games such as God of War II & III, Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 1 & 2. You can also check out Webzen’s interview with Cris.

You can listen to some of Cris’ scores for Archlord 2 below, you can also download the tracks for free


Aside from the free tracks, players of Archloard 2 will get the chance to name all the tracks of their liking, Webzen will be picking the best song name for each track and will be putting a server-wide buff once they announce the winning titles. You can share your name suggestion by visiting the forum thread

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