The Elder Scrolls Online Goes Live on Steam

Written by Louis

July 18, 2014

elder scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls Online expands its online reach as the online adaptation to one of the most popular RPG Franchises goes live on Valve’s Steam Platform.

The announcement was made by The Elder Scrolls Online’s developer, ZeniMax Studios earlier today, the game will be available for purchase through Steam and can be purchased at half the price for the coming weekend. Gamers who purchased The Elder Scrolls Online via Steam will also be able to pay their subscriptions via Steam Wallet. Both the Imperial and Standard edition of The Elder Scrolls Online is now available on Steam, with the standard edition, currently priced at $30 and the Imperial Edition, which lets you play as an Imperial Character (hence the name) plus the other bonuses will be at $40. An additional freebie, the Whiterun Wolfhound pet will also be given out to those who purchase the full version of The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition, non-Steam purchasers, or those who already have the game without buying it through Steam can still add the game to their Steam Accounts as a non-steam game, but they won’t be able to enjoy some of the perks such as using the Steam Wallet to pay for the subscription or the game key for the Steam Version.

So if you’re an MMORPG enthusiast who wants to douse himself in the beauty of the game’s storyline and the vastness of its environment, together with some kick-ass graphics, or an Elder Scrolls Fan who wants to visit the lands of Tamriel for more adventure, head on now to Steam and grab yourself a copy of The Elder Scrolls Online.


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