PlayStation Goes Academic in South Korea

Written by Louis

July 29, 2014

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One of the biggest Tech Company, who is largely known for its venture into the Gaming Industry expands its scope in South Korea as it plans to lead students towards the path  of being a Game Developer.

The South Korean division of Sony Computer Entertainment looks to start the academic year right as it partners with Sangmyung University to teach students the how-tos of Console Development. Named as the “Playstation Class”, the subject will focus greatly on how games work on consoles, with 15 sample games to be introduced into the module. To help solidify the plan, aside from the regular professors of Computer Programming, the module will also include inviting Experts to tackle about the subject and further solidifying the understanding towards Console and Game Development. What’s good to know is that the “Playstation Class” will not only be an extra curricular nor a one-time affair as is it planned to be a module included for Graduation.

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This brilliant move by Sony Entertainment in South Korea will look to help give further understanding on what the Video Game Industry really is about and would eventually support the growing number of Independent Video Game Developers by giving a lot more focused module for students to tackle upon instead of the regular, general take on Software Development.

A great decision that will hopefully follow worldwide, just goes to show how really big the video game industry is and the endless possible positive impacts that it can give towards individual improvement.

Source: Siliconera

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