Top 5 MOBA/DoTA-like Games You Should Try Out


The hype is in the air, there’s no denying it, and companies are sure heck gonna try to create more spawns of them, but with the lot already in the works and some already out in there market, there are only a few who have truly recreated the feel and the mechanics of the one map-mod that started it all, and while we’re at it, here are our picks for the Top 5 MOBA games that you should try out.

Do note though that for this picks, we’re excluding already popular titles like League of Legends and Dota 2 but instead sticking on the not-so popular but already working titles in the market today, Blizzard’s upcoming title Heroes of the Storm is also excluded as it is still in the Alpha Phase, and not much information is being given out when it comes to Design and Development. A little clarification too though, that even though Defense of the Ancients kick-started the viability of the cash flow, it was the StarCraft Mod, Aeon of Strife that first laid out the foundations of the Genre now known as Action-RTS.



5th – Demigod

Developer – Gas Powered Games
Publisher – Stardock

The first of all the Clones, Gas Powered Games’ Demigod followed a third-person perspective and introduced unique characters with also unique skill sets (obviously). With varying maps to choose from, Demigod also wandered away from the traditional Action RTS setup but following the same objective-style gameplay which required players to take down the enemy’s main building whilst battling through creep waves and other enemy heroes. The game had a promising concept which was foiled due its Beta-Release not having the needed reception from Critics, a couple of things were not worked out properly and the servers had its problems during the initial release date hindering players from playing online during its early stages, but as the development and the game progressed, Demigod proved itself to be a game that you should definitely try out.



4th – Heroes of Newerth

Developer – S2 Games
Publisher –  S2  Games (NA and EU), Garena (SEA), Jingle (China)

While Demigod holds the first title as the first clone to be directly inspired by Dota, Heroes of Newerth gets the the crown for the first clone to directly copy out the parent game, S2 Games, Heroes of Newerth is directly based on its other game, Savage 2, inheriting some of its heroes and fusing it with mechanics from Defense of the Ancients. Following the Clash of the Hellbourne and the Legion, Heroes of Newerth was one of the first to become instantly popular to the masses ever since its Closed Beta days, with some classic heroes being ported into the game from Defense of the Ancients, and introducing the one thing that all Dota fans yearned out for which is the Reconnection System. With a new Vibrant design and fast paced gameplay with the introduction of other unique characters, Heroes of Newerth is definitely a Dota Clone to try out.

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  1. That image of Smite is so outdate it’s vintage. (Like seriously, nothing looks like that anymore. That level doesn’t even exist anymore.). You might want to update it.

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