Two Weeks Free Access For Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy xiv The MMO Installment to one of the longest running and popular RPG Franchises opens up its doors to everyone for a 2 Week Trial. Final Fantasy XIV will run a 14-day trial period for anyone who wants to try out the MMO together with a few restrictions. The decision is said to be an extension of their free weekend play which happened earlier in July and is rumored to be paving the path for Square Enix’s MMO to become F2P. Interested Gamers can take part in the 2 Week Access but only if they haven’t played FFXIV yet, or have paid-access accounts, the trial accounts, are of course full of limitations with some of them being as follows:

  • 2-Week Trial Characters can only reach a cap of Level 20
  • Trial Accounts only allow creating 1 character per world
  • Trial Accounts cannot use the yell or shout or tell commands
  • Trading is restricted for 2-Week Access accounts
  • Market Board and Moogle Delivery Service is Disabled for Trial Accounts
  • Trial Accounts cannot join In-Game Parties or use the Party-Finer System
  • Trial Accounts cannot make Linkshells
  • In-Game currency acquisition for Trial Characters are limited up to 20,000
  • Retainers cannot be used or hired by Trial Characters
  • Free Trial Accounts cannot join Free Companies

In addition, if a player upgrades to a paid subscription within 90 days, their created characters will be retained and all of the in-game services will be unlocked for use.  The 2-week countdown period will begin as soon as a character is created and interested parties can head on to the FFIX Free Trial Announcement Webpage for registration and as well as FAQ links. Although the critics have been divided as to how the game appeals to them and to the community, if you’re a Final Fantasy fan and is wishing to get your hands on the MMO installment of the franchise, here’s your chance to try things out before spending a good amount of money and be the judge for yourself on Square Enix move of taking the FF Legacy online.

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