Japan Self Defense Forces Plans to have its first Space Division


Dreams of a Special Space Armed Force Division might just come to reality as the Japanese announces their plan to create a Space Force, Macross anyone?

Japan has been known for its “technologically advanced” society, and otherwise weirdness, but this time, they’re looking to venture out into the “final frontier” by force, metaphorically, as they commence on building a space division for their Self Defense Forces. As some may remember, Japan did also announce their plan to build a functional Gundam, one of the most famous mechas in anime and cartoon culture, but this time, they’re going up a notch with the Space Force.

The Japan SDF Space Division, as we like to call it, will have an initial task of monitoring space debris and protect satellite collision as they traverse on the earth’s orbit. The announcement from the Japanese Defense Ministry states that they will be revising their non-military activities in space following the revision of a 2008 Law regarding Japanese Military activities from beyond the atmosphere. Japan will also be in partner with the United States of America as to relay information and strengthen their alliance in what man calls, the final frontier.

The planned completion of the Japan SDF Space Division will be in 5 years time, but as of the moment, Japan is said to be gearing up as to reach this plan’s fruition, and who knows, with the space finally giving entry to what is deemed as the world’s technological geniuses, a fully-functional Valkyrie mech might just be seen flying overhead and guarding the earthly airspace.

Source: Mainichi.jp

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