Bioshock Invades Mobile Gaming

bioshock mobile

One of Irrational Games’ most popular titles enters the fray of Mobile Gaming as Bioshock will soon come to the iOS platform.

Announced just earlier today, via 2K Games’  Twitter Account, the popular game title that’s full of Big Daddies and Little Sisters will soon come to iOS with the development, hopefully underway. Being deemed because of its artistic design and as well as an compelling storyline, Bioshock, one of the most positively-received video game titles, was initially released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 Platforms by 2K Games back in 2007 with the PlayStation 3 port released in 2008.

The game’s plotline was set in the 1960s, in the fictional Underwater City of Rapture and centers around the concept of Objectivism with some influences from the works of well known author George Orwell. Bioshock has forever been one of the most loved video game titles, gaining 5 different Game of  the Year Awards from Different Video Game award-giving bodies.

As of the moment, fans can only hold on to 2K’s announcement as no further details are given out to the public yet, but soon enough, with the announcement already being made, we’ll definitely sure to revisit Rapture once again in the handheld devices powered by iOS.

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