Optimus Prime Transforms to a PlayStation

playstation prime 3

First we have Megatron transforming into a Sega Mega Drive, now it’s Optimus Prime’s turn to become a gaming console.

From our previous post about the Megatron Mega Drive, we were hoping for a Famicom variant with the Autobots Leader, but it seems that Takar Tomy gave us a much better vairant. The PlayStation Optimus Prime was revealed from a recent hobby show in the Akihabara district in Japan. Though the Optimus Prime figure was shown on its painted version, there were no announced pricing for the figure and no exact date for its release in 2015 (The Megatron Mega Drive is priced at 10,000 Yen). The Optimus Prime figure is part of Takara Tomy’s PlayStation History Collection where on its first lineup consists of small scale figurines of the different PlayStation models.

playstation prime 2

You can check out Takara Tomy’s site for their other list of products featured in their PlayStation History Collection

playstation prime 1

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