Sierra Studios Comes Back to Life


The gaming studio that was part of the development of Video Games’ most popular franchises (which we are still waiting for a 3rd installment) makes a comeback.

Sierra Studios, otherwise known as Sierra Entertainment, considered as one of the names that has spread influence throughout the popular genres of gaming, inactive for quite a while now, teased us with a video clip announcing their comeback, and promising us with a line that says: “More to be revealed at Gamescom 2014”. With the comeback now being imminent, fans are anticipating if this would mean newer games, HD remakes or maybe a re-release of old titles from Sierra’s Line of video game titles.

New logo of Sierra
New logo of Sierra

But perhaps, this could be a hint to something even bigger, we’re not gonna say that it could be connected to Valve’s probable soft launch of the Source 2 engine, and knowing that Sierra Entertainment or Sierra Studios was part of Half Life’s Development, we’re not going to say that this could be a sign that the game that the community is waiting for is going to be confirmed because who’s to say? One thing is for sure though, with Sierra, which is now part of Activision, back and kicking again, we can expect more games brewing on the horizon.

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