Defense of the….Legends?

With Valve releasing a more updated engine and opening up game Modding to a more bigger crowd, someone wants to take advantage of it by trying to mix oil and water.

Talk about something like a Mad, Mad Scientist, a Modder is on path to try and “port-in” Riot Games’ popular MOBA, League of Legends into another popular MOBA by Valve, Dota 2. Yes you read it right folks, someone out other has a very, very bold plan of combining together 2 different games that stem from the same genre.

Defense of the Legends, as what the project is called, will said to be bringing League of Legends into Dota 2 in a 1:1 scale, meaning that the traits and Mechanics of LoL’s Champions and Gameplay will be ported into this currently developed Mod. Different game modes is said to be also available for Defense of the Legends, as the developer also states that there could be a possible Dota 2 heroes versus LoL Champions matchup.  When asked why he is doing this, the mad modder only has this to say:

“I wanted to steal spells from champions as Rubick

Yes I am serious”

The unnamed modder also plans to open up the development to the community once he’s done setting up the basics, making it to be possibly the first community driven Dota 2 Mod. Fans who are interested to take part in the development, want to get more info regarding the map mod, or just wants to follow how the process is going can head on to the modder’s tumblr page,




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