New Silent Hill to be Handled by Kojima and del Toro

Written by Chad

August 12, 2014

silent hill norman reed

Yes that’s right! Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima will be teaming up with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to create the next Silent Hill game.

The announcement of the game was actually made as an interactive trailer. The supposed teaser trailer was within the interactive demo game called P.T.,which was revealed during the Sony Gamescon press conference and can be downloaded on the PlayStation Store.


Upon completion of the demo, it was finally revealed as a teaser for the upcoming Silent Hill game. As it turns out, the P.T. title was just a made up name, the same prank Kojima did with his Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain announcement, even the 7780s Studio name was just a made up. Along with Kojima and del Torro,  TV star Norman Reed (as Daryl in the Walking Dead series) will be the lead character in this game. Silent Hills will be running on the Fox Engine as shown on the teaser trailer, this will be the second game that will be utilizing the photo-realistic engine.

No other info was revealed aside from the game announcement, but we are still hands down on Kojima’s gimmick on revealing Silent Hills as one of his upcoming projects, and a surprising team-up with Guillermo del Torro; whose also an expert in making horror movies.

silent hills

silent hills team


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