Next Skylanders Game to Hit both Consoles and Tablets


For possibly the first time in video game history, a game title will get its Tablet version that’s not a spin-off of the real thing!

Skylanders: Trap Team, the hit game that uses NFC technology to unite toy figures into the actual game, takes mobile gaming up a notch as the actual console version gets released to Android, Amazon and iPad tablets this coming October 5.  The full tablet version release will happen together with the Console release of the game and will have its own $74.99 Starter Pack that comes with 2 Skylander Figurines, 2 Traps and of course, a specially designed Portal for tablets.

A hefty price for some, but should be worth it and this could be the dawn of next gen mobile gaming. Skylanders is the game title published by Activision and features NFC technology through its Figurine-to-game integration. Skylanders became a popular title due to its unique gameplay mechanic of importing figure tags through “portal devices” to bring the characters to life in the world of Skylands.

Now with its Non-Spin Off/Actual Game Tablet Release, Skylanders: Trap Team could possibly lead to the dawn of next-generation mobile gaming, and could be the start of Mobile Gaming Platform ports of our beloved video games.

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