Metal Gear Solid V will be Getting a PC Release

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The PC Master Race are now rejoicing and mocking the console peasants once again as Metal Gear Solid V is finally getting a PC release.

It was announced at the MGS Livestream during Gamescom a few hours ago, prior to the said announced, a leakage of the said PC release was found at the Konami web page hours before the start of the livestream, both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain will be available on Steam, the product pages for both Metal Gear Solid V games are now up

This wasn’t the first time a Metal Gear Solid game was released to the PC, the first two Metal Gear Solid games (the PSOne original and PS2’s Sons of Liberty) had their PC port more than a decade ago. No release date was mentioned.

It’s a great time to fully maximize the Fox Engine with your uber badass PC rig when you play Metal Gear Solid V


We added the 15-minute gameplay video of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that was shown at Gamescom

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